Monday, February 25, 2008


Back in 2006, I submitted a piece entitled "Pimping" to Verbatim, The Language Quarterly. The article concerns medical education and the perversion of the Socratic method of teaching known to its victims as pimping, wherein the teacher asks the student a question not so much to increase the knowledge of the student as to put him in his place--to establish the pecking order. My article was accepted, but has been significantly delayed in publication. In fact, the just-released edition where "Pimping" appears is the Autumn 2006 issue of the quarterly. You see, even though the publication schedule is quite mired down, the editor, Erin McKean, maintains the chronologic dating of issues, regardless of when the journal actually goes to press. The Autumn and Winter 2006 issues have just been released. Erin states she is raising the subscription rates, so will she will be able to hire staff and accelerate the rate of publication. Check out the web site and consider subscribing to Verbatim!

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