Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Franklin Pierce Bobblehead

I ordered mine yesterday from the New Hampshire Historical Society. Don't miss out! It's a limited edition!


Steve Ross said...

Thanks for this post. I ordered one from the NHHS and received it yesterday. And I would not have known of it had it not been for your wonderful blog. Of all the Presidents I've seen in bobblehead form (Teddy, FDR, Jefferson, Reagan, JFK, Bush, Clinton, Carter, Nixon, Truman, Washington etc), this is the grandest addition to that ridiculous arena.

BTW, did you ever read about how-- In the spring of 1854-- Greytown, Nicaragua was bombarded and mostly burned by the United States frigate "Cyane"? This was on Frankie Pierce's watch. He was blowing up countries for no good reason way before it was the "thing to do" in the 21st century.

David C. said...

Thanks for reading the blog. I'm glad that Young Hickory of the Granite Hills will be bob-bob-bobbin on your own shelf.
I read somewhere about a guy, I believe named Walker, who tried to set himself up as a dictator in Nicaragua during Pierce's administration. I assumed he was a acting on his own, setting a precedent for the likes of modern-day mavericks like John McCain and Sarah Palin. I'd be interested in further details.

Steve Ross said...

A co-worker asked who the bobblehead was on my desk. I said "Who else would it be but our 14th President: Franklin Pierce?". He replied "We had a President Pierce?". Indeed. How could one NOT know of the "Young Hickory of the Granite Hills"?

Oh, I found this link on the National Guard's site:
It might be worth another "Pierce" piece on your blog.

David C. said...


Man, what has this country come to?

BTW, the National Guard site is interesting. It's one of the few places where the word brave is applied to Pierce's mititary service.


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