Sunday, March 21, 2010

Skywatch Friday: Pegasus

Pegasus 1
Mobil Gas Station, South Bend, Indiana

This was shot with a Holga 120N with aperture modification. One of the charming quirks of the Holga camera is that it comes with a switch for sunny or shady conditions. Sliding the switch to the sunny setting moves an arm into place between the lens and the film. There's just one teensy problem--the aperture in the arm is larger than the opening immediately behind the lens, so the switch has absolutely no effect on the amount of light striking the film. I've modified both my Holgas by removing the "shady" aperture ring behind the lens, and decreasing the size of the "sunny" aperture on the arm with metal tape. As a result, instead of the functional equivalent of a single aperture of about f/13 (everything about a Holga is approximate), I now have f stops of roughly f/10 and f/16.

More black and white photos at:


Aileni said...

Sell them the idea.
Pegasus could have trouble with those cables.

David C. said...


The aperture modification isn't an original idea of mine. There's a guy who makes a business of modifying Holgas to improve the picture quality, and the manufacturer has incorporated some of the things he has done, like adding a tripod mount. I would be disappointed if they ever make the aperture switch functional, though.

Glennis said...

I like Pegasus leaping into the sky.

Dragonstar said...

I really like the black outline of the sign. You made me laugh with your description of the aperture!

Grace Olsson said...

When I hear the word PEGASUS, I think so about the greek history and the changes that happened to the HUmanity,.
Great shot
Have a nice weekend


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