Friday, October 15, 2010

Monochrome Weekend: Machine

The old Kamm Brewery in Mishawaka is now a complex of stores and bars called The 100 Center, but some of the equipment from the brewery is displayed on the grounds. This machine was captured with a Kodak Hawkeye Brownie Flash camera with a flipped lens. Flipping the lens results in a "sweet spot" of focus in the center, with blurring toward the edges.

More black and white photos at:


Dragonstar said...

And now the effect is copied by software! Much more skill and knowledge is required to do it your way. I like the clarity of the small wheel.

Genie said...

What a great shot you were able to take with your Brownie....amazing. The way it focused in that one small area and then blurred gradually towards the edges is so interesting. Great job!