Tuesday, February 01, 2011


Through the photo-sharing site Flickr, I got in touch with Bill Dunbar, who is married to a distant cousin of mine in Elkhart, Iowa. We have collobarated on a few photographic projects. I expose a roll of film, rewind it, mail it to him, and he does a second set of exposures on the roll.

Three pictures from one of our projects appear on the "Group Exhibit: Abstraction" page in Issue 45 of the online fine art photography magazine, F-Stop. Bill made his exposures in Iowa using a 1946 Argoflex E, and I shot in Indiana, using an Agfa Speedex B2 of unknown vintage. The film was Kodak TX400, developed in Diafine.

Lantern and Leaves



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Anonymous said...

These are marvelous David. Please keep up this fun project.


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