Thursday, May 25, 2006

Rejection Collection

Yesterday I mentioned I am collecting rejection letters. Here's a good one:

Dear Writer,

Thank you for sending your work to AGNI. It received careful consideration here.

We will not be able to publish your manuscript, but we wish you luck placing it elsewhere.

Kind regards,
The Editors

I received this via email two days after putting the submission in the mail. Some careful consideration! I don't know which is worse--instantaneous rejection or waiting for months before getting a response. The best part of this particular rejection was a P.S. offering me a discount if I subscribed to the magazine.

I could just publish my work here on the blog, but then I'd probably have an even smaller audience than I'd have in a literary magazine. Self-publishing removes the affirmation that at least one other human being, besides friends and family, thinks my work should be read be others.

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