Monday, March 02, 2009


I was planning to simply post some nice pictures of wild turkeys I took in our back yard this morning, but then, as she too often does, Governor Sarah Palin intruded on my consciousness, and I felt compelled to embed the infamous "turkey pardon" video from last Thanksgiving, featuring the governor reading, poorly, from a corny prepared speech, and then ad libbing with a typical word salad as she is interviewed in front of a happy Alaskan exsanguinating turkeys. The slaughter of the turkeys is almost as disturbing as the governor's butchery of the English language-almost. Those with weak stomachs may wish to just skip to the pretty pictures later in the post.

Here are the pictures. Turkeys are, IMHO, beautiful birds, and I can understand why Benjamin Franklin proposed that they should be America's national bird.


Zhoen said...

They seem very primitive, like vultures or dinosaurs. I consider this a good thing, mind.

Have you found Margaret and Helen? Re, your Palin fixation?

David C. said...

Yes, one of these pictures reminds me of the gait of a velociraptor in Jurassis Park.

I have just checked out Margaret and Helen. I don't really believe the blog is done by two women in their 80s, but. . .I remember a couple of elderly ladies who used sit behind us at Indiana University basketball games who could turn the air blue with their foul language, which they usually directed toward Ed Hightower, who still referees in the Big 10.


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