Saturday, February 28, 2009

Sunny Day

Today started off with the usual leaden grey skies of a northern Indiana winter,but then the sun came out. I decided to return to the scene of the crime and try some more pictures in the same area which was so foggy two days ago.

Crows are cagey, when I pulled over and tried to take pictures, they flew off. I did manage to catch this guy before he took off. The picture would have been better if he turned to catch more sunlight on his head, but it's OK. I'll keep trying.

They're far from rare around here, but I thought I'd get some shots of a gaggle of Canadian geese at Pinhook Lake. I don't seem to be able to catch birds facing me when they land, but I like this picture anyway.

This one came out of the camera well and didn't need much postprocessing except for cropping.

Here a group was squabbling on the shore.

Driving along the St. Joe River, I noticed some unfamiliar black and white birds floating downstream. I pulled over and walked along the bank till I saw a flock of ducks in a flooded grove of trees on the opposite shore. When I consulted the bird book at home, I learned these are buffleheads, who live in Canada and Alaska in the summer, but winter from here to the Gulf of Mexico.

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