Sunday, February 08, 2009

A Walk Through the Woods

This is my first attempt at posting pictures to Blogger via Photobucket. I've had a Photobucket account for a few years, mostly to host images when I was active on a guitar-building forum. It's also handy for sharing pictures with family and friends who, like most of the civilized world, don't read Lugubrious Drollery. Any feedback on posting pictures this way is appreciated.

Photobucket Album


beardog321 said...

Look Dave, you now have 3 irregular readers on the Droll Roll. Granted I'm an anomaly when it comes to the civilized world, but I'd rather be a reader then a writer, because my writing sucks.
Best wishes always,

Zhoen said...

Guitar building forum? My D is a guitar gear geek, though he doesn't build his guitars, his first one was a partsocaster. I know much more about guitars than any non-player should.

Anonymous said...

Click on your photo in photobucket that you want to use. On the right side of the screen will also appear a window with the different kinds of HTML codes. Choose the one that says html code and begings with "img" mage004.jpg" and end like this one I clicked on in my photobucket account.

Right click on it and then click on "copy" on your mouse. Then go to your program called "Notepad" and paste the code there if it is going to be a while before using it.

Otherwise just past the code at the top of the box with the tab HTML in your Blogger window. Then click on the COMPOSE tab and you will see the picture.

The Blogger layout or template you are using will not take a very large photo so you will have to add the width to the code from photobucket to make it smaller to fit. Right at the end of the code before the last ">" symbol you would add the width statement...

_image004.jpg" (width="450") >

It would look like that now and it will make the photo 450 pixels wide. It could be smaller than that but not much larger for the template you have chosen in blogger.

I hope this information will help you. If not you can send me an email through my profile.

Thanks for stopping and looking at my blog and for the comment you left there. It is appreciated.

David C. said...

Bill, your writing is fine. Keep it up.

Zhoen, my first project was a telecaster clone I put together from parts and painted with automotive lacquer. Then I went through an acoustic building phase and found I am much better at starting instruments than completing them. You can see videos of a couple of completed instruments elsewhere on this blog.

Abraham, thanks for the tips. I think it's better to link to individual pics as you suggest than linking to the Photobucket album as I did in this post.


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