Saturday, February 14, 2009

Mirror Image

This picture was taken with a 105mm macro lens on a Nikon D90. It is, I believe, a spring from the window crank mechanism from a 1964 VW Beetle, and is one of the few existing remnants of my first car. I put the spring on a mirror for this picture, with the wider end of the coil against the mirror.


Dave King said...

Intriguing, it doesn't look like that at all.

David C. said...

Dave, thanks for your comment. I'm a member of the Nikonians. No, we do not have delusions of coming from the planet Nikonia; we are users of Nikon cameras. Below is a link to the web site. One of the members' forums is concerned with macro photography, and each month there is a challenge to produce a photo with a specific theme. This month the theme is spirals. I thought of this old spring and set out to do a closeup photo. I tried shooting the spring on a white sheet of paper with a zillion different lighting angles, trying to get an interesting shadow. I wasn't happy with the results, then I hit on the idea of the mirror and capturing the reflection of the spring rather than its shadow.

Link to Nikonians galleries


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