Saturday, February 21, 2009

Hawaii Magazine Photo of the Week

I just received word that this photo of a green turtle I submitted to Hawaii Magazine has been chosen as photo of the week.

I'm honored that this photo was chosen. Previous winners include some really nice pictures . Click the link below to see them.

Link to Hawaii Magazine Photo of the Week page


Zhoen said...

Your comment program is wonky.

David C. said...

Sorry about that. I've noticed that sometimes it takes two tries before Blogger accepts comments. I'm turning off word verification for now. I may have to reinstitute it if I start getting spammed.

David C. said...

I've changed some other settings. Hope it works better.

beardog321 said...

Congratulations David on your picture in the Magazine. It is really nice, like the turtle knew it was going to be famous.
I have never had a problem with your comment feature, but that's just me. But then again, that could be why I don't get that many? I don't think so.
Very Nice picture though. I just bought a new Canon, as my old A75 lost it's mind.


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