Friday, September 18, 2009

Skywatch Friday Season 4, Episode 10

A Kodak moment in the old Studebaker industrial corridor, South Bend, Indiana


Julie said...

A fascinating way of framing your shots, David. This looks a little too much like a for comfort!

What is the structure up the top - a water tower of some sort?

David C. said...


Yes, I believe it's a water tower on top of the building. I hadn't thought of the similarity to a concentration camp. In this case, the barbed wire is keeping people out instead of in.


Julie said...

What you said on my blog just now, David is just what happened here in Sydney, too. In some cases, the rails were ripped up but mostly they have just been covered with layers and layers of bitumen over the years. They are doing roadworks at the end of my street and some of the old tracks from 50+ years ago have been exposed. There was a good foot of tar over the top of them. Very sad and oh so short-sighted.

I figured the wire in your photo was indeed keeping people out!!

JOE TODD said...

I would like to have a vintage Studebaker. We have a lot of old closed up plants here in Ohio

Pat said...

Very clever making it look like an old filmstrip section! Beautiful pristine sky as backdrop to the old factory.