Thursday, September 24, 2009

Skywatch Friday Season 4, Episode 11

Wizard of Oz Festival, Chesterton, Indiana


Carver said...

Beautiful sky for the festival.

Julie said...

Your passions encourage me. There are so many younger people in the world who are jaded and lack focus and an interest. I admire your enthusiasms.

Oh ... and what I like about this image is the telegraph post ...

Sylvia K said...

Looks like a fun festival and you certainly had a lovely sky for it!

Enjoy your weekend!


clairz said...

The buildings, sky, and telephone poles somehow look like they are from another time, and then the festival-goers look very modern. Am I the only one seeing this?

And then I see it is a Wizard of Oz Festival, hmmm. Is there some trickery afoot?

eileeninmd said...

Pretty skies for festival day. Thanks for sharing.

David C. said...

Thanks to all. It was a nice day, which was a good thing, as I had to stand in line outside for an hour to get an autograph from one of the Munchkins.

Julie, I just want to clarify my age--note in the sidebar that I was born in your earth year 1952. Regarding your comment on one of my previous posts, Magnolia and Boothe are my granddaughters. Also note that there isn't much telegraph business in the US anymore. The poles are carrying telephone or power lines.

There's no trickery involved. That's the way the picture came out of the camera. There are still a lot of overhead lines around here, and there are still a lot of old buildings in small Indiana towns. Chesterton seems to cultivate the retro image more than some others.

magiceye said...

beautiful shot


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