Thursday, April 01, 2010

Hawaiian Hits

Judging from recent activity on this blog as documented in the Feedjit Live Traffic Feed, somebody in Honolulu must have given a homework assignment on Joseph Conrad and the phrase "lugubrious drollery." Eager students should check the sidebar on the right to see the phrase in context and to see definitions of the words.


#167 Dad said...

the 9.95 a month is really starting to pay off, huh?

I always enjoy checking in on your blog...

David C. said...

Thanks. I dig your blog too (can you tell I'm in the middle of reading On the Road: The Original Scroll?).

finecrown said...

Great blog. I enjoyed the pictures. I was linked to it looking into "Lydia the Tatooed Lady". Thanks for straightening out Guiess/Thaïs. There ought to be a google entry for "guiess" (the famous online guess at Thaïs).

David C. said...

Thanks. You might also want to check out another blog of mine, "The Marx Brothers".


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