Friday, July 24, 2009

Skywatch Friday No. 54

Crows perched atop a grain elevator, silhouetted against a foggy sky turned golden by the rising sun.


prettyfirefly said...

I love your shots! Happy SWF!
Hope you check out my entry @
Have a great weekend!

Tone said...

Nice Shot! Beautiful colors:-)

Alexander said...

Nice rich colours. :)
What a great SWF photo.

Have a great weekend.

Alex's World! -

#167 Dad said...

I've only been to Indiana once, but this shot really sums up my memories your state.

David C. said...

These buildings are just a couple miles from my house. I'm trying to photograph them every chance I get. The 600 acre farm they stand on has been sold and will be developed into a commercial area over the next few years.

J Bar said...

That's an interesting shot.
Sydney - City and Suburbs


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