Sunday, October 18, 2009


Scout view for a head CT. The newborn has a pacifier in his mouth.

Addendum, Monday, 10/19/2009: I've noticed a number of people have arrived here from the Shadow Shot Sunday site and not left any comments. This indicates to me that they

a. think this is a lame entry
b. don't understand it
c. are shocked by it
d. all the above

Perhaps a little explanation is in order. A scout view is an X-ray obtained in a CT scanner. It is the digital equivalent of the films one frequently sees hanging upside down on a viewbox on televised medical dramas. The scout view allows the technologist to know precisely where to perform the CT scan. Since people sometimes refer to the shades of gray on a radiograph as shadows, I thought I would present this as a "shadow shot." This image was a routine part of a medically necessary exam. The child wasn't exposed to radiation just so I could have a picture to put online. And by the way, the scan of the head was normal, and everyone lived happily ever after.

If any of the conditions in the list above still apply after reading this brief explanation, please feel free to leave a comment to register your disappointment, befuddlement, anger, or dyspepsia.


BANJO52 said...

I don't think it's lame, and the binky adds interest. But compared to so many of your shots, this one just doesn't grab me--not sure why. Maybe I want more dramatic contrast? Maybe I'm a sucker for color? I do like the self-portrait with hibiscus and many others, as you know.

Also, except for your excellent, creepy snake a while back, the whole concept of shadow shots doesn't excite me as much as it apparently should--at other sites as well as yours. Could very well be my problem. I tried a couple of my own and couldn't even excite myself . . .

David C. said...

Thanks for commenting. I'm not that crazy about this picture myself. For one thing, I didn't take it, I just appropriated it. I didn't see the child or decide how or when to take the picture. It's just one of hundreds of images that flashed in front of me at work that day.


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