Thursday, October 15, 2009

Fall Colors

I haven't done the Nature Notes thing for a while. The local paper this morning carried an article stating that fall colors are going to be subdued in these here parts due to a lack of sunny days this autumn. So, I am posting a photo of a small grove of sumac from last October, when conditions were better.

Here's another version, worked over with Photoshop--for better or worse.

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MyMaracas said...

It is an odd fall here. Some trees are aflame with color, others are not bright at all. I like the photoshop effect on the second one.

dsmcaron said...

Welcome back if you've been gone awhile. The sumac is very pretty. It's a strange year for fall.

Gel said...

lovely colors! (I, too, had to use last year's because our leaves haven't turned yet.) I'm here from Nature Notes and I also must tell you your blog name is COOL! I recall a story about "lugubrious" that I'm not sure if I'll ever put on my blog.

Rambling Woods said...

Hello David...Nice to see you again. We too were lacking sunshine, so our fall is not as colorful. The leaf watchers who traveled to parts of NY were disappointed and so am I. I like both photos. The second looks like a painting... Michelle

RJ Flamingo said...

That 'shopped photo looks like a classic painting. The weather's been odd everywhere, including here, too. ->Sigh!<-