Friday, October 23, 2009

The Origin of "South Pacific"

Rogers: Knock knock.

Hammerstein: Who's there?

Rogers: Sam and Janet.

Hammerstein: Sam and Janet who?

Rogers: Sam and Janet Evening...


BANJO52 said...

That is such scientist humor! :)

BANJO52 said...

I keep forgetting to mention how much I like the Conrad passage where you get your "LD" title. Recently heard a British lecturer focus briefly on the same lines. Chilling.

David C. said...

Whoa! That is spooky--and just in time for Halloween. The phrase "lugubrious drollery" struck me when I listened to an audio recording of Heart of Darkness. This blog used to go under the more prosaic title, "Dave's World," which was also the title of the TV sitcom based on Dave Barry's columns back in the 90s. I like Dave Barry, but then decided to raise the tone of this blog and steal from Joseph Conrad instead.

David C. said...

BTW, the knock knock joke is so old, I can't even remember who I stole it from. Oops--I forgot I raised the tone of the blog. I should say from whom I stole it.


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