Saturday, September 13, 2008

Lugubrious Drollery Scoops the NYT

In an article entitled "In Office, Palin Hired Friends and Hit Critics," the New York Times reports on the management style of non-community-organizer Sarah Palin. Included in the article is the following:
Another confidante of Ms. Palin’s is Ms. Frye, 27. She worked as a receptionist for State Senator Lyda Green before she joined Ms. Palin’s campaign for governor. Now Ms. Frye earns $68,664 as a special assistant to the governor. Her frequent interactions with Ms. Palin’s children have prompted some lawmakers to refer to her as “the babysitter,” a title that Ms. Frye disavows.

...she is an effusive cheerleader for her boss.

“YOU ARE SO AWESOME!” Ms. Frye typed in an e-mail message to Ms. Palin in March.
You heard it here first, in Lugubrious Drollery's post Sarah Palin is Awesome!

Based on her actions as governor, you can expect to see Miss Wasilla's high school cronies in positions of power in Washington if McCain is elected!

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Blue Shed Thinking said...

Greetings from the home country of the original Female Politician Who Made You Ashamed to be a Woman.
We're pretty horrified at the prospect of someone who makes Cruella de Ville look like Mary Poppins potentially being in a position of power. (Face it - someone put in charge of a cookie jar at cub scout camp exudes more gravitas).
Fortunately, we have comedians ripping into McCain, mostly along the lines of how could he be such a military hero if he got himself captured so many times?

But in the UK, we have laws that would prevent Sarah Palin from being elected. The Dangerous Dogs Act decrees that all Pit Bulls must be muzzled and neutered.


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