Wednesday, September 24, 2008

More on Palin and the Witch Hunter

Monday, Mary and I attended a speech and question and answer session, featuring Karl Rove, at the Mendel Center at Lake Michigan College. Among the many stomach-churning things Rove said, he referred to the "Palin-McCain" ticket. Much has been made of Gov. Palin also putting herself at the head of the ticket in one of her speeches. Was it a slip or intentional? In her case, I'm not sure, but I feel confident that this was an intentional piece of Democrat-baiting by Rove, the master manipulator. He wants to take the focus off McCain, and wants Obama and the Democrats to attack Palin, increasing support for the hockey mom. In fact, Rove wrote an article in the Sept. 11, 2008 Wall Street Journal pointing out the folly of Presidential candidates attacking the opponents' running mates--to wit, Michael Dukakis attacking Dan Quayle in 1988, and Adlai Stevenson attacking Richard Nixon in 1952. In case you've forgotten, neither one of those Democratic candidates did very well in the general election.

But what I really want to talk about is a video of Palin's anointing by witch hunter Rev. Thomas Muthee at the Wasilla Assembly of God Church in 2005. While he has his hand on Sarah Palin's shoulder, praying for her, he explicitly refers to "witchcraft" (at 8:38 into the video). OK, Obama may have had a nutty minister in the form of Jeremiah Wright, but I don't believe Obama ever voluntarily stood, palms upturned and head bowed, next to Wright while the pastor spouted his crazy rhetoric. That is what Sarah Palin is doing in the video. This is too much!

Maybe it's because two people named Corey were executed during the Salem witch trials, but I have no interest in having anybody associated with belief in witchcraft in a position of power in this country.

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