Thursday, September 18, 2008

Palin Received Awesome Anointing from African Witch Hunter

In the Across the Pond blog at Times Online, reporter Hannah Strange discusses the connection of Kenyan evangelist Thomas Muthee with the Wasilla Assembly of God Church, where he prayed for Sarah Palin to become governor of Alaska in 2005. Muthee is also known for successfully running an alleged witch, Mama Jane, out of the town of Kiambu, Kenya. Ms. Strange writes:
Pastor Muthee has frequently referred to this witchhunt in his sermons as an example of the power of “spiritual warfare”. In October 2005, he delivered ten sermons at the Wasilla Assembly of God, the audio of which was available on the church’s website until it was removed around the time Mrs Palin’s candidacy was announced. The blog Irregular Times has listings and screen grabs of the sermons.

It was during that these sermons that Mrs Palin, who was then preparing for her gubernatorial run, was anointed by Pastor Muthee. His intercession, she says, was “awesome”.
There is just no end to the awesomeness of Gov. Palin. Welcome back to Salem, ca. 1692!

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