Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Early Summer

A few pictures taken on walks with the dog the last couple of days.

Ripening Blackberries
(Note: Since the original posting, I've learned these are blackcap raspberries)

Milkweed Blossoms

Mating Milkweed Longhorn Beetles

See more nature pictures at Rambling Woods


Leora said...

Lovely pics. I like the variety of the three in one post. We have raspberries in our backyard. Your blackberries are making me hungry.

Rambling Woods said...

Hi David..I am late getting around this week with all the medical drama in my house..I went to your radiology office web site and I see you do some of my favorite tests. I am due for my yearly MRIs so I am building courage and valium. I hate the new higher resolution scanner the hospital has but it is better for MS patients. Shudder..being closed in a can.

Sorry..I digressed..LOL... I love the photos you got. I want to plant some milkweed for monarch butterflies to lay eggs on.. Thanks for participating in Nature Notes...Michelle


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