Sunday, June 07, 2009

Garter Snake

Yesterday, Magnolia came to our house for a pool party while her parents went to a wedding. We had a great time and saw lots of animals--turkeys (Mimi found a couple feathers and we stuck them in the ground next to the pool), deer, a raccoon, a ground hog, and blue jays. We even saw a garter snake that lives under the back porch. Magnolia knows the snake goes "Ssssss."


Rambling Woods said...

Magnolia is just precious. You are lucky that she lives close by as I don't think that will be the case when my daughter married and has children...Thank you for identifying the flower as meadow sage. I wish I had room for more of it because the butterflies love it...
Michelle From Rambling Woods

Rambling Woods said...

PS...don't read my rant about the medical treatment my mother was getting...I know you are a doc, but it really wasn't acceptable to leave her in such pain and not address it so I had to kick some medical behind...
Michelle From Rambling Woods

Kathy said...

What a cutie. LOL she doesnt look to worried about the snake. Me, I would be screaming my fool head off. =)

David C. said...

I read your rant before you warned me off. Unfortunately, medical care is delivered by fallible human beings. I've had similar experiences trying to navigate members of my own family through the health care system. Your mother is fortunate to have you as an advocate.

Fear of snakes is one of the most common phobias. I hope Magnolia will be spared that. And yes, in my unbiased opinion, she is a cutie.


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