Monday, August 31, 2009

Bremen Tree: Summer

One of my many lofty but short-lived goals was to do a daily photoblog. I started doing this at a site called Aminus3. I was doing pretty well till I started shooting film in addition to digital. I'd leave days blank, waiting for film to be processed, then forget which day I took the film, and then I just generally lost interest in posting a picture every day just for the sake of posting a picture every day. I also found Flickr more user friendly and more interesting than Aminus3.

I've lowered the bar and decided to set a goal of posting a picture each season. To that end, I present this series of pictures taken from the grounds of Community Hospital of Bremen, Indiana. I started off last winter with a picture of a barren tree during a snowstorm, then took a picture of the same tree fully leafed out in the spring, and last week took a picture of the same tree on an overcast summer morning. The trunk of the tree is now obscured by the intervening cornfield.

Stay tuned for autumn.

Tree in Summer - minimal postprocessing

Tree in Summer - Graduated Filter Added in Photoshop

Tree in Spring - Tinted Green

Tree in Winter - Sepia


MyMaracas said...

Great idea and beautiful work. That should make a nice framed quartet once fall is in there. That is an amazing old tree, and it makes a striking subject out there all by itself.

David C. said...

I was thinking of matting the four seasons in a frame and giving it to the hospital, which stands across the field from the tree. After your comment, I decided the summer picture needed some work to compensate for the overcast sky, so I added a graduated blue filter in Photoshop, which makes the background much more pleasing. Both versions appear above now.


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