Thursday, May 28, 2009

Magnolia and Mr. Toad

A post about nature deficit disorder at made me think about ways I could help my little buddy, granddaughter Magnolia, to connect with nature. A couple weeks ago, while we were at Lake Michigan for a family reunion, Magnolia and I would walk around the yard to see what we could find. One day, we discovered a toad living in the pool cover enclosure. We named him Mr. Toad. Anytime we were outside after that, we would go out to gently knock on the enclosure and visit Mr. Toad.

See more nature pictures at Rambling Woods.

See more of Magnolia at her blog.


Rambling Woods said...

Oh David...Magnolia is adorable and how lucky see is to have a grandpa like you to share nature with. Tooo cute...I hope someday that I am a grandma...Thank you for this wonderful post for Nature Notes.
Michelle From Rambling Woods

Leora said...

How wonderful. Magnolia is such a pretty name; enjoy her! Glad you have connected on nature and on Mr. Toad especially.

RJ Flamingo said...

OMG! How cute is that! And what a great opportunity for her to build lifetime memories of time spent with Grandpa!

We have similar themes, this week...:-)

MyMaracas said...

Magnolia ... what a lovely name for a beautiful little girl. How lucky she is to have you for a grandpa! Though I am old, I still remember golden days spent in the garden with my "Poppie."

Dan said...

Hey, cute kid! She is already recounting memories of "knocking" for Mr. Toad....and of course, loved spending time with Mimi and Grandpa.

I noticed that the link to her blog is off.

David C. said...

The link to Magnolia's blog is fixed now.


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