Thursday, May 28, 2009


Yesterday, the local paper featured an article on the return of ospreys to this area. One nest is near a dam on the St. Joe River, and the article gave very specific directions on how to find it. Even though it was overcast, I took my photo gear with me to a dentist appointment today, since the dental office is only a few miles from the dam. I found the nest, but there was no sign of a bird there. Just as I was getting ready to back out of the parking area, an osprey landed on the nest. I scrambled around and went back to set up the tripod. Unfortunately, I couldn't get close enough for very detailed photos, but I was able to catch the osprey standing on the nest, and then flying off. I'm not sure if the bird left behind in the nest is a mate sitting on eggs or an offspring. The paper also mentioned a nearby state park where ospreys can be found, so I'm hoping I can get some closer shots there.

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Dan said...

Wow, that is some nest!


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