Tuesday, May 05, 2009


I don't tweet on Twitter. I haven't tried it. I haven't followed other twits, or tweeters, or whatever they're called. The fact that Ashton Kutcher seems to be deeply involved with tweeting was reason enough for me to stay away.

But now an event has occurred that has strengthened my resolve to avoid Twitter--Sarah Palin is tweeting.

I think this phenomenon will prove to be the Pet Rock of the early 21st Century. Apparently, the fad is already passing, with the retention rate for Twitter users down to 40%.


Zhoen said...

Twit is, in my opinion, the correct noun and verb.

#167 Dad said...

Palin and Kusher or Kutcher or whaever the cown's name is surely appear to be twits. I'm with you there, David.
I am fascinated by the onrush of new technology and methods of communication. A writing buddy was talking about twittering a short story. I cn't imagine reading a story one sentence at a time, but who knows? I do look forward to the next innovation.

David C. said...

Dear #167 Dad (may I call you #?),

I tried a one-sentence-at-time story with 3 other people, but it didn't go very far. The gimmick was the sentences started with successive letters of the alphabet. We did it on a free site called Writeboard. I can give you more info if you're interested. Then you wouldn't have to resort to tweeting.



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